CCE Statement on Relocation of COP25

A statement from Citizens’ Climate Education on the decision to move the COP25 UN climate negotiating session to Madrid. The COP25 is a moment of historic importance, when nearly 200 nations will share strategies for rapid upgrading of ambition in national climate action. We were, of course, disappointed to learn of Chile’s decision not to host the COP25 in Santiago as planned, but we understand … Continue reading CCE Statement on Relocation of COP25

Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

Donald Trump’s move to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement undermines American leadership and credibility and materially harms the American people. The Paris Agreement sets the world on a course for a more just and sustainably prosperous future. It also resolves an old complaint—that high-polluting developing economies like China were not bound to action by the 1992 Climate Convention in the same way … Continue reading Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

The Amazon Rainforest is Not for Sale

Four extremely worrying trends are converging right now to make the Amazon rainforest the most important single global priority at this moment: An unprecedented number of fires are raging across the entire Amazon basin. The rate of deforestation has quadrupled in the last year. IPCC scientific examination of land use and land degradation shows a rapidly accelerating vicious cycle, where exploitative land use contributes to … Continue reading The Amazon Rainforest is Not for Sale

ACE Dialogue: Reduce the ‘Otherness’ of Climate; Involve People

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) has grown to 125,000 members, in 52 countries, on 6 continents. These empowered citizen volunteer policy advocates work together in small local teams to build trust-based working relationships with their representatives in government. They have shown that public participation builds political will and helps decision-makers to align their policy choices with the human interest of the people they represent. Background 2018 … Continue reading ACE Dialogue: Reduce the ‘Otherness’ of Climate; Involve People

Invest at the Source

Report from the Acceleration Dialogues event, held during Monaco Ocean Week 2019 Ocean resilience starts upstream. The challenge of solving climate change and achieving sustainable development for the long-term, for all nations, demands we build an economy that is capable of securing ocean health and resilience — a blue economy. On Wednesday, 27 March 2019, at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the Acceleration Dialogues partners … Continue reading Invest at the Source

An Indigenous Perspective: Sámi Leaders Dialogue

The Norway House will host a gathering of Sámi leaders, in dialogue with indigenous leaders from Lakota-Dakota-Nakota oyate. The event is co-convened by the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding and Citizens’ Climate Education. The programme will include discussions focused around Sámi heritage and culture, Sámi efforts to protect indigenous land and indigenous rights, and Sámi efforts to restor and preserve their cultural identity. At … Continue reading An Indigenous Perspective: Sámi Leaders Dialogue

Earth Day Climate Communiqué

Earth Day Communiqué issued by Nobel Peace Prize Forum Climate Leaders OSLO, Norway—A group of global climate leaders issued a Joint Communiqué on Earth Day, calling for urgent action in the areas of climate, peace and security, climate-smart finance and climate-smart cities. Leaders at a Nobel Peace Prize Forum high-level climate congress said that political will, driven by radical integrity, creative, inclusive collaboration and no excuses, … Continue reading Earth Day Climate Communiqué