WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

The new economics of Earth-systems integrity Whole-Earth Active Value Economics (WEAVE) starts from the recognition that all artificial value — everything we account for in monetary terms — is like foam on the deep ocean of what makes life on Earth feasible. Natural system value is worth far more, and is ultimately the source and … Continue reading WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

The Day the World Stood Still

During the 2018 United Nations Climate Change negotiations (the COP24), co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presented the latest scientific findings about what would happen if the world warms by 1.5ºC on average above pre-industrial levels. It was a special plenary session, meaning every nation was represented, as well as every international agency, … Continue reading The Day the World Stood Still

The Future is Regenerative Prosperity

Freedom means living without the state-of-nature fear that powerful predators (of whatever kind) will impose harm with impunity. Any economic sense of human freedom, from any angle, requires an economy in which no market actor is predatory and no person, regardless of wealth or status, is significantly limited in their freedom to choose better, healthier … Continue reading The Future is Regenerative Prosperity

World Bank / IMF Meetings Highlight Carbon Pricing as Climate Solution

The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC) High-Level Assembly (HLA) was held alongside of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, DC, earlier this month. The CPLC is one of those unique, voluntary, multilevel, multilateral strategic partnerships of governments, intergovernmental agencies, businesses and civil … Continue reading World Bank / IMF Meetings Highlight Carbon Pricing as Climate Solution

An Indigenous Perspective: Sámi Leaders Dialogue

The Norway House will host a gathering of Sámi leaders, in dialogue with indigenous leaders from Lakota-Dakota-Nakota oyate. The event is co-convened by the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding and Citizens' Climate Education. The programme will include discussions focused around Sámi heritage and culture, Sámi efforts to protect indigenous land and indigenous rights, and … Continue reading An Indigenous Perspective: Sámi Leaders Dialogue

Adaptation Affects the Value of Everything

REPORT FROM THE 2019 V20 MINISTERIAL DIALOGUE ON ADAPTATION Vulnerabilities driven by climate change are affecting people across our global community, in diverse ways, but increasingly as part of their everyday experience. The V20 Ministerial Dialogue on Adaptation, held at World Bank Headquarters earlier this month, addressed the need to accelerate adaptation, reduce vulnerability, and … Continue reading Adaptation Affects the Value of Everything