What is Engage4Climate?

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network is a global framework to support and expand direct citizen and stakeholder engagement in the intergovernmental climate negotiating process. It is the main achievement of the Pathway to Paris project—which was developed by Citizens’ Climate Education with the support of Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers, in collaboration with the UN Millennium Campaign and the World We Want platform.

The process of building the CCEN Advisory Council, the Secretariat for Implementation, and a Global Team of local networks of leaders, stakeholders and collaborators, is an ongoing, iterative process. The mission is to build a global base of local knowledge, relating to the Paris Agreement, and to bring that local insight into the UNFCCC negotiations in a substantive and responsible way.

If you want to host a local working session, to contribute local insights and experiences to the global climate policy process, the Engage4Climate Toolkit will help you design and manage your local meeting according to our standards and allow you to share the ideas of those gathered at global decision-making venues.

In 2017, at the COP23, the UNFCCC process held open dialogues and began to move toward wider stakeholder engagement in the spirit of Talanoa—a Pacific island tradition of dialogues where everyone is a peer and insight is shared through personal stories. The year-round open Talanoa Dialogue process leading up to COP24 included several elements of our reform proposal.

To join the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, contribute to our policy Workstreams and/or start planning your own local working session, just go to engage4climate.org/join and sign up. 

If you are part of an existing network for climate action or engagement, the CCEN is intended to be able to support and integrate with your existing team and infrastructure, without obstructing or distracting your team. Go to engage4climate.org/inquiries to share any questions you have about how.

A Reform Coalition of Mutual Support

The CCEN is open to all people and should operate as a reform coalition, driven by mutual support among partners, to ensure we are amplifying the opportunity for direct citizen participation in global decision-making, through diverse venues and approaches.

By playing a role in this process, you are supporting an effort that can open global negotiations, democratize the intergovernmental policy arena, and ensure we have a more inclusive, fair, and livable climate future for all people.

Creative Commons LicenseIn order to retain the maximum visibility and integrity of the CCEN process, we automatically assign a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License to all CCEN / engage4climate original content, including the CitizensVoice.tv project.

Click here for more detail on our application of the Creative Commons licensing standard. 


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