Science is Not Negotiable

If global heating exceeds an average of 1.5ºC across the world, we will collectively face so much risk and damage, the costs will spill over into every area of human experience. The climate system does not respect political borders or bank account balances. An Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund once framed the crisis … Continue reading Science is Not Negotiable

UN Climate Talks are Shortcut to Security & Prosperity

There is no such thing as a free lunch. That is important to remember in politics at all levels. Smart politicians know they cannot afford to be on the wrong side of major forces that will affect their constituents, so it is always astonishing to see climate policy treated as “highly partisan” or “divisive”. The … Continue reading UN Climate Talks are Shortcut to Security & Prosperity

CCL2019: International Coordinators Empower Each Other

In January 2014, Citizens’ Climate Lobby was comprised of numerous groups in the US and Canada and one each in Sweden and Bangladesh. Germany and Australia started up next, and expanded rapidly. Just 5 years later, the CCL family includes 125,000 citizen volunteers in 52 countries. At the 10th CCL Annual Conference, on Sunday, June … Continue reading CCL2019: International Coordinators Empower Each Other

How SB50 Can Help Achieve the Climate-Smart Future

System-scale innovation does not have to be all-consuming revolution or a shock to the system. The most effective system-scale innovations start from small but significant improvements in policy, technology or practice, then cascade through practical connections to lived experience and everyday decision-making. These cascade effects gain traction by making critical improvements possible at every stage. … Continue reading How SB50 Can Help Achieve the Climate-Smart Future

WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

The new economics of Earth-systems integrity Whole-Earth Active Value Economics (WEAVE) starts from the recognition that all artificial value — everything we account for in monetary terms — is like foam on the deep ocean of what makes life on Earth feasible. Natural system value is worth far more, and is ultimately the source and … Continue reading WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

The Day the World Stood Still

During the 2018 United Nations Climate Change negotiations (the COP24), co-chairs of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presented the latest scientific findings about what would happen if the world warms by 1.5ºC on average above pre-industrial levels. It was a special plenary session, meaning every nation was represented, as well as every international agency, … Continue reading The Day the World Stood Still