Cambio16 Interview: Citizenship for Climate Security

During the COP25 United Nations climate negotiations in Madrid, Jorge Neri of the news magazine Cambio 16 interviewed Joe Robertson, Global Strategy Director for Citizens’ Climate. The interview includes discussion of the stakes at COP25, the shift in political awareness of the urgency is the worsening climate crisis, and how Citizens’ Climate works to empower citizen volunteers to engage with government. Neri y Robertson también … Continue reading Cambio16 Interview: Citizenship for Climate Security

Citizens’ Voice TV was the citizen-driven webcasting service associated with the Pathway to Paris project. The bulk of Citizens’ Voice video webcasting was conducted during the COP21 in December 2015 in Paris. On the third day of the COP21, we formally activated the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network ( The associated citizen-driven live webcasting service, as of November 2019 is Open COP. The 24/7 one-stop shop for citizen … Continue reading Citizens’ Voice TV

The Paris Agreement is Adopted

The Paris Agreement (report on adoption) was formally adopted at 7:26 pm Paris time, on Saturday, December 12, by the Conference of the Parties. The Agreement was many years in the making. The Agreement now sets in motion a global process of accelerated climate action, for full implementation of the 1992 Convention’s mandate to “avoid dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.” There are many breakthroughs … Continue reading The Paris Agreement is Adopted

Full Report from Minneapolis 2015

A new platform for citizen engagement in global negotiations—the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network—was announced at Minneapolis 2015: Climate Action, Last Stop Before Paris. The spirit of Minneapolis 2015 was laid out by former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, who said recently that action on climate requires: “Radical integrity, creative collaboration, and no excuses.” We will now work to ensure that those three standards embody the effort … Continue reading Full Report from Minneapolis 2015

Minneapolis 2015: Last Stop Before Paris

On October 25th 2015, under the auspices of Oslo-based Partnership for Change, Citizens’ Climate Lobby convened a globally-networked day of dialogues on the impact of climate change on communities, the role of citizens in driving change and the catalytic solutions to securing the livable climate future. Click here for the Full Report from Minneapolis 2015… 9:30 am — PLENARY SESSION 1 What’s your role in global climate … Continue reading Minneapolis 2015: Last Stop Before Paris

How Citizens can Catalyze Climate Action

On June 5—World Environment Day—we held a press conference to announce CCL’s effort, through the Pathway to Paris project, in collaboration with the World We Want, to build a worldwide always-active Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. The press conference was conducted in association with the Climate Matters video interview series, as well as COY11, CliMates, IAAI GloCha, Context News, and the Association Actions Vitales pour le Developpement Durable. The … Continue reading How Citizens can Catalyze Climate Action