Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream

High-Level Working Dialogue — to map, connect & advance upstream inputs to the sustainable ocean economy Monaco — 27 March 2019 Oceanographic Museum of Monaco — Read the Full Report — The Acceleration Dialogues are a series of high-level diplomatic dialogues, co-convened since October 2015 by Citizens’ Climate and the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, with technical support from the Geoversiv Foundation, in collaboration with … Continue reading Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream

Share Your Vision for a Climate-Smart Future

The global climate civic space is open The 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change requires nearly 200 nations to work to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”. Article 6 of the Convention calls for citizen participation in the design and implementation of climate solutions. While annual UN climate talks are high-level discussions between governments, the Talanoa Dialogue set a new standard for … Continue reading Share Your Vision for a Climate-Smart Future

The PARIS Principles

For effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing: Price pollution with a defined, steadily rising price on climate-disrupting emissions, preferably at the source. Add momentum. Enhance incomes; build economic value at the human scale. Reduce emissions effectively and accountably, by keeping the administrative structure simple and transparent. Internalize inefficiencies — cost and harm linked to polluting business models — incrementally, with escalating certainty and with no leakage. … Continue reading The PARIS Principles

Citizens’ Climate Lobby Guidance to CUSMA Environmental Assessment

Dear Environmental Assessment Secretariat, Trade Agreements and NAFTA Secretariat (TCT) at Global Affairs Canada Re: CUSMA Initial Environmental Assessment Investment, finance, trade, and commerce in the Main Street economy are not zero sum games. They are not finite proverbial pies where any gain is necessarily a loss for someone else. The highest value aim in trade and commerce is to generate new wealth by creating … Continue reading Citizens’ Climate Lobby Guidance to CUSMA Environmental Assessment

Finding Hope at COP24 

by Cathy Orlando Why I attended COP24 I never thought I would attend a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP). My community and country have always been my focus. Mostly though, l really don’t like flying in airplanes. As the International Outreach Manager for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, gaining a global perspective is key to my work and as … Continue reading Finding Hope at COP24 

Nobel Peace Prize Forum Climate Congress

The Norwegian Nobel Institute hosted a High-Level Climate Congress on December 12, 2018 — Day 2 of the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum Oslo. UPDATE, 23 April 2019—Leaders working together to build on the substance of discussions at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Climate Congress issued a Joint Communiqué on Earth Day 2019. SOLVING THE CLIMATE CRISIS IN TIME From Climate Destabilization to Climate Security … Continue reading Nobel Peace Prize Forum Climate Congress

Catalyzing Climate-Smart Finance with Carbon Dividends

CONTEXT The IPCC Special Report shows that no nation can afford for global warming to exceed 1.5ºC. Resilience is survival; compounding nonlinear multilevel impacts are putting overall resilience at risk. We need motivational policies that internalize the cost of climate pollution and build climate intelligence into everyday prosperity. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Respond to French fuel tax backlash by giving revenue back to people, CCL says … Continue reading Catalyzing Climate-Smart Finance with Carbon Dividends