Adaptation Affects the Value of Everything

REPORT FROM THE 2019 V20 MINISTERIAL DIALOGUE ON ADAPTATION Vulnerabilities driven by climate change are affecting people across our global community, in diverse ways, but increasingly as part of their everyday experience. The V20 Ministerial Dialogue on Adaptation, held at World Bank Headquarters earlier this month, addressed the need to accelerate adaptation, reduce vulnerability, and establish ongoing means of support for financial and institutional resilience, … Continue reading Adaptation Affects the Value of Everything

Interactive Risk Tracking to Finance Resilience Prosperity

TRACKING OF INTERACTING COMPOUNDING RISKS SHOWS HIGHER VALUE OF FINANCING EXTERNAL RETURNS Resilience is the ability to weather and emerge from shock events. Resilience intelligence is the complex work of understanding whether we are positioned to do so. Structured, evolving guidance, rooted in Earth systems science, is critical for achieving reliable ongoing operational resilience. The Resilience Intel initiative is a coalition effort to aggregate climate-smart … Continue reading Interactive Risk Tracking to Finance Resilience Prosperity

AUP Climate Conference: Translating Science into Climate Action

Interdisciplinary Climate Congress Paris — March 29-31, 2019 AUP’s Joy and Edward Frieman Environmental Science Center, in partnership with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, will hold a three-day international conference — Translating Science into Climate Action — that will convene figures from the foremost international policy-driving institutions in the fields of economics, global policy, climate science and biodiversity. It will aim to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of … Continue reading AUP Climate Conference: Translating Science into Climate Action

Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream

High-Level Working Dialogue — to map, connect & advance upstream inputs to the sustainable ocean economy Monaco — 27 March 2019 Oceanographic Museum of Monaco — Read the Full Report — The Acceleration Dialogues are a series of high-level diplomatic dialogues, co-convened since October 2015 by Citizens’ Climate and the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, with technical support from the Geoversiv Foundation, in collaboration with … Continue reading Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream

Share Your Vision for a Climate-Smart Future

The global climate civic space is open The 1992 UN Framework Convention on Climate Change requires nearly 200 nations to work to “prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system”. Article 6 of the Convention calls for citizen participation in the design and implementation of climate solutions. While annual UN climate talks are high-level discussions between governments, the Talanoa Dialogue set a new standard for … Continue reading Share Your Vision for a Climate-Smart Future

The PARIS Principles

For effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing: Price pollution with a defined, steadily rising price on climate-disrupting emissions, preferably at the source. Add momentum. Enhance incomes; build economic value at the human scale. Reduce emissions effectively and accountably, by keeping the administrative structure simple and transparent. Internalize inefficiencies — cost and harm linked to polluting business models — incrementally, with escalating certainty and with no leakage. … Continue reading The PARIS Principles

Katowice sets standards for accelerated climate action

The COP24 in Katowice, Poland, was an opportunity to design and activate a global process to secure human liberty and prosperity. While it was not a meeting to solve all problems at once or to end climate change today, the defined outcome — the Katowice Climate Package [PDF] — provides some clear guidelines for nations to work toward a climate-smart future. While progress on each … Continue reading Katowice sets standards for accelerated climate action