Climate Change Stories on the Street

by Benedict Muyale

Worldwide, it is accepted that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. It is already unmistakable and intensifying at an alarming rate as is evident from countrywide temperature increases, droughts, famine, rainfall irregularity and intensification. Climate change can be an unapproachable, tedious subject of discussion for many lay people. It seems to encompass all areas of human activity and science. Many people feel they are not expert enough to achieve a comfort level in talking about this challenge that affects us all.

How do then we ensure that we recruit more citizens for Mother Earth?

At Green Sun Cities, we decided to work with artists to help us convey the message of care for our planet. We did a call of artists to work with us on a campaign dubbed Climate Change Stories on the Streets. It is interesting how many of the artists who applied had basic knowledge of climate change impacts, but nearly all of them had never participated in such campaigns. It was a difficult cause, not taken up by most people, unlike malaria or girl child campaigns in Africa.

After training artists on our campaign,  they dubbed it Climate Art.

What drives us is to see change happen, to motivate people to make change, so please join me on this call. The Earth is crying; I can’t turn a deaf ear to it. This is a simpler version of a people’s COP. We are moving climate change discussions from conference rooms to the people who it impacts most—people living their daily lives along the streets of Nairobi.


On 21st May 2016, various artists including bands, poetry, spoken word, photography, eco-crafts and graffiti will carry the message of care for our planet. This happens in a slum setting—on the East side of Nairobi—Kariobangi North, and creating interesting discussion around climate change. We will not only create awareness on climate change but call on the public to push for realization of the Paris Agreement and 100% renewable energy.

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