Citizens’ Voice TV was the citizen-driven webcasting service associated with the Pathway to Paris project. The bulk of Citizens’ Voice video webcasting was conducted during the COP21 in December 2015 in Paris. On the third day of the COP21, we formally activated the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network ( The associated citizen-driven live webcasting service, as of November 2019 is Open COP.

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Live from Paris

Day Thirteen (December 12)

The Paris Agreement was formally adopted at 7:26 pm Paris time today (Saturday, December 12).  View a full review of what the agreement means here.  We are thrilled to be witness to this historic moment.  As the Citizens’ Voice team splits up and heads for home and some well-deserved rest, we leave you with this “Best of Citizens’ Voice” playlist.  The work now begins for all of us with the Citizens Climate Engagement Network to hold our leaders accountable to the agreements they made and to implement the many solutions that will move us away from catastrophic climate change.

Day Twelve (December 11)

The last day that the Green Zone is open even though negotiators will continue their work in the Blue Zone on Saturday.  Though events in the Green Zone are winding down, we are still finding many people working on climate solutions.

Day Eleven (December 10)

Second to the last day of the Green Zone.  We catch up on what is happening in the Blue Zone and the continued action by civil society.

Day Ten (December 9)

Much attention is focused on the Blue Zone and the negotiations in these final days of COP21.  There is much hope of an agreement and concern about whether it will be aggressive enough to mobilize the change required to minimize the impacts of climate change.  Today’s videos include the voices of youth,  a protest against fracking and a discussion on carbon pricing…

Day Nine (December 8)

While hearing the stories of Pole to Paris where a young man ran from the Northern most tip of Norway to meet up with his friend who biked from the Southern most tip of New Zealand to Paris, the Citizens Voice team was delighted to find out that United States and China joined Canada and the EU to push for a 1.5 degree C target. It was an inspiring day.

Day Eight (December 7)

Today’s video playlist covers more indigenous people’s issues and individuals met a HubCulture and the Regeration International events during the day…

Day Seven (December 6)

Sunday is a day off for the official negotiations, but the Citizens’ Voice team was out in Paris at side events and have plenty to share with you…

Day Six (December 5)

Saturday is still a work day for negotiators at COP21 and they have a deadline to be ready to move ahead on Monday.  Find more updates on our Facebook page.  Also today the Rights of Nature Tribunal was held in Paris with videos part of our daily playlist.  Also in the playlist is a live update from team members in Paris to Citizens’ Climate Lobby groups in Minnesota.

Day Five (December 4)

Today’s COP of Coffee gives you a glimpse into the negotiations and how they are going.  Continue watching the stream for more interviews and broadcasts.

Day Four (December 3)

The team was spread out today and bring you a variety of interviews and experiences from the day…

Day Three (December 2)

The biggest event of the day is the global launch of the Citizens Climate Engagement Network.  Watch the recording of the live feed below following the second edition of COP of Coffee…

Day Two (December 1)

The civil society area opens today.  Our team is on the move getting acquainted with the Climate Generations area.  Today’s playlist includes our first edition of COP of Coffee…

Day One (November 30)

Watch the live stream from Le Bourget here.  The heads of state have arrived.  The Civil Society area will open tomorrow.

A major accomplishment today was the announcement of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.  Watch the full press conference here. (You may need to choose language in the lower right corner of the video.) Comments by the heads of state of France, Mexico, Germany, Chile, Canada and Ethiopia along with Dr. Jim Kim president of the World Bank and the José Ángel Gurría Secretary General of the OECD.  Watch the Citizens’ Voice report below followed by more videos of the day.

Day Zero (November 29)

The Citizens’ Voice TV live team has arrived in Paris and is on the move conducting interviews and capturing the moments of the day.  Keep checking back for the latest updates.

Day Zero (pre-conference opening) included the team’s first chance to get out on the street and be part of citizens in action.  Here are some samples from the Human Chain event and others we met in the streets.

A sample of the work of our contributors, from the Climate Countdown team:

Making the climate talks more accessible

During COP21 in Paris, world leaders will be negotiating a new global climate agreement. There has never been more at stake. While accredited officials are working behind closed doors in Le Bourget, many thousands of engaged citizens from around the world will be converging in Paris, demanding action, exploring solutions, and expressing the concerns and hopes of millions of others in every country of the world.

Citizens’ Voice aims to be a window for the world on the citizens’ energy of COP21. Every day during the two-week conference, we will be monitoring what’s going on inside the talks and outside in the streets. We are going to be more conversational, approachable, and playful than traditional news sources. Read more…

Daily Features of Citizens’ Voice

Some of the daily features planned include:

  • COP of Coffee: A morning, studio-shot overview, focusing on what took place the previous day and what to expect for the hours ahead
  • Citizen Engagement: Every day, we will go more in-depth on a key topic of climate change: scoping the problem, facing the tough issues, and investigating solutions. We will have expert interviews, and a forum for conversation on the topics, inviting citizens from around the world to take part.

Live connection with events

Citizens’ Voice will also be offering live video-feed of important events taking place throughout Paris during COP21. Some of these events may include:

  • Mass mobilizations, at the beginning and end of COP21, calling for political leaders to solve the global climate crisis
  • Rights of Nature Tribunal
  • People’s Climate Summit with a Global Village for Alternatives and a Climate Forum
  • Climate Action Zone
  • Sustainable Innovation Forum
  • Women on the Frontlines of Climate Change

Meet the team

team 2

We are a team of volunteers from all around, joining together to help citizens everywhere connect with the important events in Paris during COP21. We are doing this because we care. Not because it’s our job.

We are looking to expand our team both in Paris and elsewhere around the world. Join us here!

claireClaire Richer: Recent college grad, rower, divestment from fossil fuels activist, job hunting for a climate policy job in DC

KaiaKaia Rose: Freelance filmmaker, producer and editor based in New York City. Director of Climate Countdown, a web-series that follows people crafting paths toward a successful COP21.  @climatcountdown |

NaomiNaomi Lipke: Recently completed a master’s thesis on participatory processes and innovation focused on European Living Labs. Living in Scandinavia for the last two years. Looking for opportunities related to participatory processes and the environment in the US or Europe. 

laughlinLaughlin Artz: Activist, writer, performance artist. Producer of Context News, committed to awakening and empowering civil society to impact global issues at the level of root cause.  Practitioner in transformational leadership and linguistics, with over 30 years experience in corporate and not-for-profit sectors. New York-based.

jeremyJeremy Lent: Author of The Patterning Instinct: A History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning, blogger at Patterns of Meaning,  and founder of the Liology Institute to foster a sustainable worldview, living in the San Francisco Bay Area
paul2Paul Thompson: Returned Peace Corps Vol (Borneo 1971-73), CCL Regional Co-ordinator, Cool Planet founder, retired 2nd grade Mpls Public school teacher, world class frisbee master, 35 year Birkie (x-cty ski) finisher, lover of our natural world and relentless climate solutionary.

mindyMindy Ahler: Co-Director of Cool Planet, Regional Co-Coordinator for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, climate solutions activist, social justice advocate, lifelong Minnesotan.  I love kayaking, biking, cross-country skiing, frisbee, trees and snow.  Skills in technology and project management as well as gardening, food preservation and fiber arts.

cathy2Cathy Cowan  Becker: Ohio State University staff and student studying public and environmental policy. 20-year career in journalism, public relations, and communications. Co-leader, Citizens Climate Lobby – Columbus. Member of  Sierra Club Central Ohio Group and Climate Reality Leadership Corps.  Animal lover, especially cats big and small. @ccbecker271,

Eric_edit_1813_web copyEric Mann: President and Founder of Unreel Films, LLC in New York City. Producer and Director of Photography of Climate Countdown, a web-series that follows people crafting paths towards a successful COP21. |

Maria2Maria Rotunda: Mom, Earth-Child, Activist, Candle-lighter, Advocate for a revenue-neutral carbon tax. Special Projects Manager at, Climate Reality Mentor and Leader, Citizens’ Climate Lobby Legislative Liaison. I work for inspiration….

debbieDebbie Nelson: Co Leader of Dakota County Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Founder and Lead of Lakeville Friends of the Environment since 2007. Wife of Jeff and mother to Erik, Andrew and Adam. Have recently given my life over to a yellow Labrador Retriever named Lily America!

Monica 12-5-2015Monica Jenkins: Climate Reality Presenter as well as an active member of her Citizens Climate Lobby group in Northern Illinois, USA. She is passionate about bringing others up to speed on climate issues and solutions to this crisis. She is very proud to see so many friends from both organizations on the front lines in Paris and is very grateful to be able to support their efforts by reporting on their activities via Citizens’ Voice and her own Facebook page – IL Climate Activists.