Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a partnership of advisors and organizational supporters, which will meet once a month by online conference call to share insights, answer structural design questions and think through challenges to meeting the mission of the CCEN, which is to ensure any voice from anywhere with an idea worth sharing can be heard in the global conversation. Members of the Advisory Council may be individuals or institutions, and may choose to support the CCEN through regular consultation or through collaboration in the planning of events, according to their own discretion. The aim is to enhance and expand opportunities for citizen participation in global decision-making.

Founding Members

Members are listed alphabetically, by last name

  • Jean Paul Brice Affana — Actions Vitales pour le Développement Durable
  • Bjørn Bedsted — WorldWide Views
  • Susanna Cafaro — University of Salento
  • Juan Chebly — UNEP
  • Timothy Damon — SustainUS, YOUNGO
  • Clara Haas — CliMates
  • Wael Hmaidan — CAN International
  • Saleemul Huq — ICCCAD
  • Olav Kjørven — EAT Foundation
  • Myra Jackson — Earth Child Institute, Geoversiv Foundation
  • Edith Jibunoh — World Bank Group
  • Mario Molina — The Climate Reality Project
  • Miroslav Polzer — IAAI / Global Challenges Foundation
  • Joseph Robertson — Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Citizens’ Climate Education

Support from Advisory Coalition members may include technical and practical support for local organizing efforts, venues for local meetings, mentoring for local network leaders, tracking of progress on key aims of the CCEN effort, or general advice and sharing of best practices. It may also include the integration of other citizen engagement platforms into the CCEN process, to ensure added richness of experience for participants in each of these processes.

If you are interested in learning more about how you or your organization might join the Advisory Coalition, please contact us using this form: