Rebuilding for a Better Future

Resilience Intel Principles for Reinventing Prosperity We urge the nations of the G20 to lead the world in putting these principles into practice, starting right away, to ensure a rapid, inclusive, sustainable recovery from the COVID crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly, and radically, altered the everyday assumptions of people around the world. Where science has guided decision-making, the virus has done less damage; where … Continue reading Rebuilding for a Better Future

Invest in Interactive Earth Systems Value at the Human Scale

Resilience Intelligence Brief to the In-Session Workshop on Long-Term Finance At the 2018 In-Session Workshop on Long-Term Finance, we asked that a specific operational question be put to ministers: What do you know about the macro-critical resilience intelligence of your nation’s economy? That would logically lead to a series of further questions: Do you know how to learn this? Do you have systems in place … Continue reading Invest in Interactive Earth Systems Value at the Human Scale

Climate Geopolitics Photo Essay

‘Climate Geopolitics: Pathways to Worldwide Ecological Integrity’, a talk by Joseph Robertson,  hosted by Global Minnesota on August 10, 2016 Pathways to Worldwide Ecological Integrity Climate change influences nearly every element of the geopolitical landscape, including human sustenance, international resource flows, and the viability of the civil state. The Paris Agreement brings all 195 nations that are parties to the 1992 UN Climate Convention into an active role in … Continue reading Climate Geopolitics Photo Essay

Just & Effective Futurebuilding through Partnerships

Future-building does not happen only in the halls of government. The quality of life in my hometown was designed by many people deciding many different kinds of things at different levels. Our town acquired an important value added when Silvio, who ran the local pizza shop for three decades, decided, day after day, to commit his time to doing something of real quality for everyone … Continue reading Just & Effective Futurebuilding through Partnerships