Time for Co-Creating a Resilient Future

Postponement of COP26 provides opportunity for deep collaborative work to achieve a more resilient & prosperous future. On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, the UN Climate Change secretariat and the UK Government—which holds the COP26 Presidency—announced the annual UN climate negotiations will be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. The conference—which will be the largest ever held in Scotland, bringing together more than 25,000 diplomats, … Continue reading Time for Co-Creating a Resilient Future

Cambio16 Interview: Citizenship for Climate Security

During the COP25 United Nations climate negotiations in Madrid, Jorge Neri of the news magazine Cambio 16 interviewed Joe Robertson, Global Strategy Director for Citizens’ Climate. The interview includes discussion of the stakes at COP25, the shift in political awareness of the urgency is the worsening climate crisis, and how Citizens’ Climate works to empower citizen volunteers to engage with government. Neri y Robertson también … Continue reading Cambio16 Interview: Citizenship for Climate Security

Heroes & Hope at COP 25 in Madrid

By Cathy Orlando, International Outreach Manager, Citizens’ Climate Lobby I have just returned from the 25th Conference of the Parties (COP) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  in Madrid, Spain (COP 25). The world is  still on track  for blowing past the safe upper limits for global heating, the rule book for  Article 6  of the Paris Agreement was not finalized … Continue reading Heroes & Hope at COP 25 in Madrid

Courage to Explore — The Road to COP26

COP25 Closing Statement from the Citizens’ Climate delegation The future of humankind will be shaped and defined by how well we manage our relationship to the climate system. Nations that move too slowly are ensuring they will face higher costs, expanded vulnerability, and reduced benefit from international cooperation. The Citizens’ Climate delegation came into the COP25 with five primary areas of focus: Public Participation Carbon … Continue reading Courage to Explore — The Road to COP26

Upgrading Earth Intelligence — CCE COP25 Week 1 Press Conference

Over the next year, all nations must upgrade their national climate action strategies (NDCs). The COP25 will lay the foundation for that work. CCE presents a view of Week 1, along with 5 high-value strategies for upgrading (and mobilizing) national plans for a climate-smart future. Civics, signals, finance, and nature to protect ice, watersheds, and the ocean. The Carbon Budget — our collective remaining allowance … Continue reading Upgrading Earth Intelligence — CCE COP25 Week 1 Press Conference

COP25 Mandate: The Geopolitics of Mutual Empowerment

COP25 Strategy Brief from Citizens’ Climate Education, the Engage4Climate Network and Resilience Intel The time between the COP25 (opening today in Madrid) and the COP26 (next November in Glasgow) constitutes an unprecedented moment for creative collaboration in the improvement of human experience and outcomes. During that time, 195 nations must upgrade their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the global climate crisis response. The work of … Continue reading COP25 Mandate: The Geopolitics of Mutual Empowerment

Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

Donald Trump’s move to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement undermines American leadership and credibility and materially harms the American people. The Paris Agreement sets the world on a course for a more just and sustainably prosperous future. It also resolves an old complaint—that high-polluting developing economies like China were not bound to action by the 1992 Climate Convention in the same way … Continue reading Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

Science is Not Negotiable

If global heating exceeds an average of 1.5ºC across the world, we will collectively face so much risk and damage, the costs will spill over into every area of human experience. The climate system does not respect political borders or bank account balances. An Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund once framed the crisis in these simple, haunting terms: When a small island nation … Continue reading Science is Not Negotiable

Climate-Smart Finance: Press Event

COP22 Presidency / CCE: Introducing the Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator Citizens’ Climate Education and the Geoversiv Foundation, in collaboration with the COP22 Presidency, invite you to join a press conference outlining plans for a new Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator effort. Date: Monday, 13 November 2017 Time: 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Location: Press Conference Room 2 (in Bula Zone 3) Access: All Bula Zone badge-types welcome The … Continue reading Climate-Smart Finance: Press Event

Supranational Leadership from Local Government

The climate policy process is complicated by overwhelming complexity on many levels: The climate system touches all of Earth’s energy-management and life-support systems. The energy economy touches all areas of human activity. Any one nation’s contribution to solving climate change is just a fraction of the global action required. 195 nations negotiate for consensus in a diplomatic process operating both through national policy and highly … Continue reading Supranational Leadership from Local Government