Climate-Smart Finance to Drive Local Action

Global Online Forum Friday, November 4, 2016 — 11:00 am New York / 3:00 pm Marrakech To mark the official entry into force of the Paris Agreement, and to widen the civic space in which the Climate Finance Day 2016 discussion are taking place, we will host a 2-hour global online forum featuring short presentations by 8 policy and thought-leaders, moderated by Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy … Continue reading Climate-Smart Finance to Drive Local Action

Overcoming the Dissociation Crisis

A report on our Global Online Forum: Solution from Crisis (Due to sound quality issues, the report on this event will be text only.) This morning’s discussion was personal and full of insight from people who have decided to stand up and take action to be part of building a better world. The question of how we get to a viable, systemic climate solution connects … Continue reading Overcoming the Dissociation Crisis