Acceleration Dialogues launch Resilience Intel Charter

During the Global Climate Action Summit 2018, Resilience Intel partners Citizens’ Climate Education and Geoversiv—with support from Madison River Group, Carbon Delta, the Climate Bonds Initiative, and the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)—released the Resilience Intel Founding Charter. The Charter serves as a background note on the need … Continue reading Acceleration Dialogues launch Resilience Intel Charter

Engage4Climate Launches Talanoa Dialogue Toolkit

The Fijian word ‘Talanoa’ refers to an inclusive process of dialogue where all participants, regardless of power or influence, are peers. After the COP23 adopted the Talanoa standard for a year of open consultation in 2018, the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network adapted its process for citizen engagement to put forward a Talanoa Dialogue Engagement Toolkit, … Continue reading Engage4Climate Launches Talanoa Dialogue Toolkit

Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel

MEDIA RELEASE Resilience Intel effort will identify climate action money across the whole economy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 14 December 2017, 16:30 GMT+1 (Paris time) Yesterday, in follow-up to the One Planet Summit, the Kingdom of Morocco, Citizens’ Climate Education, the International Centre for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, and the Geoversiv Foundation co-convened a Working Dialogue … Continue reading Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel

COP23 Daily Brief

Refreshed each day, at Day 13 — Saturday, November 18 After hours of slow-moving debate about implementation of Article 9.5, relating to the communication of finance commitments, and about whether the Talanoa Dialogue would be considered a legal decision or rather a suggested blueprint from the presidencies, the closing plenary session of the COP23 … Continue reading COP23 Daily Brief

Supranational Leadership from Local Government

The climate policy process is complicated by overwhelming complexity on many levels: The climate system touches all of Earth’s energy-management and life-support systems. The energy economy touches all areas of human activity. Any one nation’s contribution to solving climate change is just a fraction of the global action required. 195 nations negotiate for consensus in … Continue reading Supranational Leadership from Local Government