EU Pavilion Event: Participation, Price Signals & Finance to Fuel NDC Upgrading

Stakeholder Engagement, Local Economies & Science-based Finance to Fuel NDC Upgrading&nbsp Date: Monday, December 2, 2019 Time: 14:30 – 15:30 Venue: COP25 Blue Zone, Concepción Hall — European Union Pavilion, Brussels Room URL: Speakers Joe Robertson—Citizens’ Climate Education Nick Beglinger—Cleantech 21 Foundation Isatis Cintrón—Citizens’ Climate Lobby Latin America Ross Astoria—University of Wisconsin Description The COP25 Presidency calls on all nations, rightly, to integrate the … Continue reading EU Pavilion Event: Participation, Price Signals & Finance to Fuel NDC Upgrading

Catalyzing Climate-Smart Finance with Carbon Dividends

CONTEXT The IPCC Special Report shows that no nation can afford for global warming to exceed 1.5ºC. Resilience is survival; compounding nonlinear multilevel impacts are putting overall resilience at risk. We need motivational policies that internalize the cost of climate pollution and build climate intelligence into everyday prosperity. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Respond to French fuel tax backlash by giving revenue back to people, CCL says … Continue reading Catalyzing Climate-Smart Finance with Carbon Dividends

Climate Geopolitics Photo Essay

‘Climate Geopolitics: Pathways to Worldwide Ecological Integrity’, a talk by Joseph Robertson,  hosted by Global Minnesota on August 10, 2016 Pathways to Worldwide Ecological Integrity Climate change influences nearly every element of the geopolitical landscape, including human sustenance, international resource flows, and the viability of the civil state. The Paris Agreement brings all 195 nations that are parties to the 1992 UN Climate Convention into an active role in … Continue reading Climate Geopolitics Photo Essay

A Call for Global Citizenship

Report from the World Bank / IMF Civil Society Forum In the years I have been attending and contributing to the World Bank / IMF Civil Society Policy Forum, I have witnessed a distinct and ongoing evolution. Multilateral institutions like the World Bank and IMF, which are funded by and directed by governments, and which do business with governments, have direct impacts on elements of society that are … Continue reading A Call for Global Citizenship