The ACCESS to GOOD Project is an open, collaborative, ongoing reporting process, aiming to identify observable levers of action for adding value, momentum, and scope to investments in climate action and resilient human development. ACCESS is a framework for analyzing the level of progress on comprehensive climate action. The axis standard aims to measure six qualifications of public policy, investment prioritization and business action: Aspiration … Continue reading ACCESS to GOOD

Business Model Innovation will Determine Future Value

Some major oil companies will thrive in the emerging low-carbon economy; some will not. Even the most profitable will face tough choices between a varied array of complicated transition pathways: some will remain large, global, and centralized; others will function more like associations of smaller businesses; the least innovative will eventually cease operations. The difference between thriving and obsolescence will be business model innovation. Business model … Continue reading Business Model Innovation will Determine Future Value

Dec. 7 in Paris: High-Level Dialogue to Accelerate Climate Action

On Monday, December 7, at Hub Culture in Central Paris, we hosted the second in a series of high-level dialogues, convened under Chatham House rules, to focus on the opportunities inherent in mobilizing widespread, innovative climate action locally, nationally, and globally. The outcome from October 26 is a strategy document called “A Convenient Opportunity” which outlines key strategies for mobilizing existing resources at a faster pace and … Continue reading Dec. 7 in Paris: High-Level Dialogue to Accelerate Climate Action

Getting Everything Right

For the first 12 days of December, our team was on the ground in Paris for the COP21, engaging with peers, meeting with negotiators, publishing reports, interviewing participants, and working to support coalition efforts that would add smarter policies, actionable language and serious principles, to the Paris Agreement. During more than a year of planning for this work and defining our goals, I had the privilege of discussing on various occasions … Continue reading Getting Everything Right

Activating the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network (CCEN) is a major breakthrough for public participation in global governance. The CCEN was created through the Pathway to Paris Project, led by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, coordinating a network of volunteers and collaborating organizations, working to open access to United Nations meetings and decision-making processes, in anticipation of the COP21, and the Paris Agreement. It is an always-active collaboration supported … Continue reading Activating the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network

The Paris Agreement is Adopted

The Paris Agreement (report on adoption) was formally adopted at 7:26 pm Paris time, on Saturday, December 12, by the Conference of the Parties. The Agreement was many years in the making. The Agreement now sets in motion a global process of accelerated climate action, for full implementation of the 1992 Convention’s mandate to “avoid dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system.” There are many breakthroughs … Continue reading The Paris Agreement is Adopted

E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing

A Call for Effective, Efficient and Equitable Carbon Pricing in the Paris Outcome Dear [COP21 Delegate], You have a unique opportunity and responsibility that has never existed before. For the first time in history local communities, regional and national governments, civil society, leaders of business and multilateral institutions are convening in unprecedented alliances to urge countries and companies around the world to put a price … Continue reading E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing