CCE Statement on Relocation of COP25

A statement from Citizens’ Climate Education on the decision to move the COP25 UN climate negotiating session to Madrid. The COP25 is a moment of historic importance, when nearly 200 nations will share strategies for rapid upgrading of ambition in national climate action. We were, of course, disappointed to learn of Chile’s decision not to host the COP25 in Santiago as planned, but we understand … Continue reading CCE Statement on Relocation of COP25

Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

Donald Trump’s move to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement undermines American leadership and credibility and materially harms the American people. The Paris Agreement sets the world on a course for a more just and sustainably prosperous future. It also resolves an old complaint—that high-polluting developing economies like China were not bound to action by the 1992 Climate Convention in the same way … Continue reading Trump withdrawal from Paris Agreement is Betrayal

Net-Zero by 2040 is Common Sense

Global heating is happening faster and with deeper compounding impacts than we had expected. Sir David King, former chief science advisor for the government of the United Kingdom, is calling for an upgraded long-term goal of net-zero by 2040. Simple arithmetic shows there is not enough money in circulation to cover the extreme costs of carbon fuel subsidies and the extreme and rising costs of … Continue reading Net-Zero by 2040 is Common Sense

Biodiversity Shapes & Sustains Opportunity

Catalyzing Resilience Value through Nature-Based Solutions Resilience is the ability to weather and emerge from shock events. Resilience intelligence is the complex work of understanding whether we are positioned to do so. Structured, evolving guidance, rooted in Earth-systems science, is a critical tool for achieving operational resilience and shared prosperity. Human wellbeing is enhanced by healthy natural systems and degraded by their degradation. We are … Continue reading Biodiversity Shapes & Sustains Opportunity

Resilience Intel Technical Workshop

Moderated discussion among technical and strategic partners, leaders and outside experts Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019 Time: 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Venue: Nature4Climate Hub — by invitation only Contact: You may use the form below Event page: Overview We need to know how our decisions relate to the health and resilience of natural systems that sustain life. Those systems shape our overall potential for … Continue reading Resilience Intel Technical Workshop

Exploitation is Not Enterprise

Our study of the natural world is providing ever more detailed data about human impact on natural systems and the effect of these impacts on human health and wellbeing and the stability of institutions. Without major improvements across a broad spectrum of sustainability metrics, we will face serious degradation of both ecosystems and human security by 2050. Industries accustomed to reducing their own capital costs … Continue reading Exploitation is Not Enterprise

Demand Rising for Climate-Resilience Ratings

In July, The New York Times reported: The rating agency [Moody’s] bought a majority share in Four Twenty Seven, a California-based company that measures a range of hazards, including extreme rainfall, hurricanes, heat stress and sea level rise, and tracks their impact on 2,000 companies and 196 countries. In the United States, the data covers 761 cities and more than 3,000 counties. Three weeks before … Continue reading Demand Rising for Climate-Resilience Ratings

The Amazon Rainforest is Not for Sale

Four extremely worrying trends are converging right now to make the Amazon rainforest the most important single global priority at this moment: An unprecedented number of fires are raging across the entire Amazon basin. The rate of deforestation has quadrupled in the last year. IPCC scientific examination of land use and land degradation shows a rapidly accelerating vicious cycle, where exploitative land use contributes to … Continue reading The Amazon Rainforest is Not for Sale

Land use could shape all our future possibilities

When we talk about land use, most people immediately get a sense we are talking about something other people do. But land use is deeply involved in our everyday experience, our personal choices, the places we live and how we move through them. Increasingly, in countries large and small, rich and poor, people are migrating to cities. Agriculture and forestry are major widespread uses of … Continue reading Land use could shape all our future possibilities

Youth Briefing Session at SB50 with UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Ms. Patricia Espinosa

by Shan Agrawal While there is no shortage of geo-political, social or economic problems that countries around the world must face at any given time, climate change is increasingly a driving influence in all areas. Before you read any further, pause for a moment and think about this: can you say climate change has not affected your life in some important or any way at … Continue reading Youth Briefing Session at SB50 with UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Ms. Patricia Espinosa