Global Climate Civics Internship

interns-logo-v4The Global Climate Civics Internship Program is a project of Citizens’ Climate Education. It serves the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network and supports local group-building activity of Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters on five continents. The GCCI Program gives participants an opportunity to both learn about and to assist in the global expansion of civics for climate action.

The program began as a support structure for interns wishing to both learn about global climate policy and policy process and engage in the COP21 in Paris. The first group of GCCI interns were part of the team that helped to develop and manage the Pathway to Paris Project for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Pathway to Paris then turned into the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network with substantive intervention in the COP21 global climate negotiations in Paris.


IMG_3100Eliana loves peanut butter and travel shows but also loves birch trees and cringes at landfills. Pursuing a degree in global studies with a focus on sustainable development, Eliana is investigating infrastructure for environmentally responsible modifications to government policy, private business practice, civil society, and individual action. Having worked within her university’s Environmental Action Club to promote changes to her university’s culture and politics, she looks forward to continuing to assess and encourage change on campus, in her Baltimore and Brooklyn home community, and abroad. 


Bryn Hammarberg HeadshotBryn currently attends Duke University in Durham, NC. He fenced for his high school varsity team for four years, now currently fences for the Duke varsity team.  He founded the junior varsity high school robotics club as a freshman and was a member of the varsity club for three years. He has worked at local food banks and soup kitchens and been part of his fencing club’s military veteran’s outreach program. Bryn loves dogs, hiking, climbing, and exploring and has a love/hate relationship with running.


IMAG0024Edward Lee is a political science major with a minor in environmental science currently enrolled at Villanova University. Ed first developed his interest in environmental science in the sixth grade after an assignment involving pitcher plants. This interest was confirmed after taking the two required lab courses at college and has helped to further develop his interest in the environment. This is where he began to see the links between the environment and governmental  policy.


IMG_0746Kathryn Charpin is a Junior majoring in Earth Science and Policy and minoring in Climatology at Penn State University. Her interests in climate change and sustainability have existed for as long as she can remember. She strongly believes in the importance of political involvement in climate change in order to mitigate the damage that has been done and knows that with enough effort and dedication we will be able to make that needed difference. 

The Global Climate Civics Internship Program is coordinated by CCE Global Strategy Adviser Sarabeth Brockley and reports to CCE Global Strategy Director Joe Robertson

GCCI Alumni

  • Lara Younes — Summer and Fall 2014
  • Anaïs Radelli — Spring and Summer 2015
  • Zachary Beaudoin — Fall 2015
  • Isatis Cintrón — Fall 2015
  • Mairtin Cronin — Fall 2015
  • Audrey McSain — Fall 2015
  • Claire Richer — Fall 2015
  • Stephen Stoddard — Fall 2015
  • Morgan Wood — Fall 2015