Citizens’ Voice TV

The 24/7 one-stop shop for citizen news and views on what’s happening in Paris during COP21


Making the climate talks more accessible

During COP21 in Paris, world leaders will be negotiating a new global climate agreement. There has never been more at stake. While accredited officials are working behind closed doors in Le Bourget, many thousands of engaged citizens from around the world will be converging in Paris, demanding action, exploring solutions, and expressing the concerns and hopes of millions of others in every country of the world.

Citizens’ Voice aims to be a window for the world on the citizens’ energy of COP21. Every day during the two-week conference, we will be monitoring what’s going on inside the talks and outside in the streets. We are going to be more conversational, approachable, and playful than traditional news sources. 

Daily Features of Citizens’ Voice

Some of the daily features planned include:

  • COP of Coffee: A morning, studio-shot overview, focusing on what took place the previous day and what to expect for the hours ahead
  • Reenactments: Key events that took place the previous day will be re-enacted, sometimes with humor, with the intention of applauding exemplary behavior and, perhaps, offering alternatives on what didn’t go as hoped.
  • Citizen Engagement: Every day, we will go more in-depth on a key topic of climate change: scoping the problem, facing the tough issues, and investigating solutions. We will have expert interviews, and a forum for conversation on the topics, inviting citizens from around the world to take part.

A sample of the work of our contributors, from the Climate Countdown team:

Live connection with events

Citizens’ Voice will also be offering live video-feed of important events taking place throughout Paris during COP21. Some of these events may include:

  • Mass mobilizations, at the beginning and end of COP21, calling for political leaders to solve the global climate crisis
  • Rights of Nature Tribunal
  • People’s Climate Summit with a Global Village for Alternatives and a Climate Forum
  • Climate Action Zone
  • Sustainable Innovation Forum
  • Women on the Frontlines of Climate Change

The team

We are a team of volunteers from all around, joining together to help citizens everywhere connect with the important events in Paris during COP21. We are doing this because we care. Not because it’s our job.

We are looking to expand our team as we get closer to the time. Join us here!