Creative Commons License Detail for CCEN Content

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network (CCEN / engage4climate) is an always-active platform for direct citizen participation in global decision-making. Content produced through this effort is intended for maximum distribution, and for regular and routine sharing with the general public, policy advocates, public officials, and decision-makers.

Creative Commons License
In order to retain the maximum visibility and integrity of this process, we automatically assign a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License to all CCEN / engage4climate original content, including the project.

There are four important caveats to consider when treating our content as re-usable under the above license:

  1. We request in general that no edits be made to our work that would alter the original meaning or message of the work in question, whether a Workstream report or Citizens’ Voice video.
  2. Please note, while this is our standard CC license, some content may be subject to non-commercial restrictions or to no-edit constraints.
  3. Partners, collaborators, and creators of external original content may retain their own Creative Commons licensing standards, or full copyright. In order to maximize the openness and integrity of this platform, we treat sharable creative content as always belonging to the creator; we request that in areas needing further clarification, any owner of an attribution license be contacted for clarification.
  4. This standard does not apply to information shared by participants in the Acceleration Dialogues or other events that use the Chatham House Rule to foster open discussion.

If you have any questions about the details of the CC license applied to CCEN content, or if you would like to re-use Citizens’ Voice content in a documentary, report, or other multiple-source production, please contact our team here.