Carbon Pricing Workstream

The Carbon Pricing Workstream was an always-active venue for dialogue, analysis, and outcome-focused policy work relating to carbon pricing, which ran from early 2014 through 2016. In 2015, a core group of volunteers, working through the CPW, helped to establish language defining universal principles for effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing. Past activities and an online reference designed to give anyone interested in carbon pricing the basic … Continue reading Carbon Pricing Workstream

Participation Workstream

Global Online Policy Forum: Actionable Climate Civics Climate civics is any activity that empowers citizens, communities, and political decision-makers to work together to design and to live a smarter climate future. We will be focusing in this Global Online Policy Forum on ways of turning Action for Climate Empowerment into both an expansion of the global civic space and real and measurable action to reduce … Continue reading Participation Workstream

Oceans Workstream

UPDATE, April 22, 2016: Climate Change Degrading Underwater Forests Giant kelp can grow up to a foot every day, and the fifty-foot stipes and broad blades of the Catalina kelp sheltered an underwater menagerie. Seals would emerge from and disappear into the forest. Pink and green abalone lived in cracks beside lobster and octopuses; the rocks were covered with gorgonians, crustose coralline algae the color … Continue reading Oceans Workstream

April 15: Carbon Pricing Workstream stakeholder perspectives roundtable

An open working session of the CCEN Carbon Pricing Workstream, this roundtable event will be a moderated discussion on ways to build carbon pricing value into related areas of action (NDCs, development, investment shift, fiscal policy) / 12-15 people, open to CSO participants, CPLC partners, and delegates to the 2016 Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the IMF. Event Details Moderated discussion and stakeholders’ … Continue reading April 15: Carbon Pricing Workstream stakeholder perspectives roundtable

NDC-Tracking Workstream

Alternative to Clean Power Plan March 7, 2016 The Supreme Court’s provisional stay of the Clean Power Plan has raised questions about the design and legal foundation of the United States national climate commitment. In an interview with NPR’s Living on Earth podcast, Michael Burger—Executive Director of Columbia University’s Sabin Center for Climate Change Law—described Section 115 of the Clean Air Act as designed “to … Continue reading NDC-Tracking Workstream

Polar Regions Workstream

Update: February 12, 2016 Twenty-one years ago, in the summer of 1994, a 57-foot fiberglass sailboat named Cloud Nine set sail, with captain Roger Swanson at the helm. Cloud Nine carried a crew of six, who were attempting to transit the fabled Northwest Passage from east to west. There was a tremendous amount of pack ice choking off all the routes through the Passage that summer, … Continue reading Polar Regions Workstream

The Paris Agreement & Earth’s Oceans

by Jérôme Chladek What happened at Paris in December 2015 is described by many politicians as well as commentators as historic, unprecedented and utterly surprising to even the most positive-minded participant. The Paris Agreement is the step forward our global community desperately needed to make, as stated by heads of state, activists, and commentators. The first universal accord for active mobilization of climate solutions now … Continue reading The Paris Agreement & Earth’s Oceans

Healthy Climate Workstream

Last week, the global climate negotiations got a shot in the arm, when two of the world’s leading industrialized economies—Germany and France—signed up to the 1.5ºC target for maximum global average temperature rise. Next, Canada and Australia also signed up, then the United States, China, and the European Union. A majority coalition now supports 1.5ºC becoming the upper limit for global average temperature rise. The lower temperature target, which is a … Continue reading Healthy Climate Workstream

E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing

A Call for Effective, Efficient and Equitable Carbon Pricing in the Paris Outcome Dear [COP21 Delegate], You have a unique opportunity and responsibility that has never existed before. For the first time in history local communities, regional and national governments, civil society, leaders of business and multilateral institutions are convening in unprecedented alliances to urge countries and companies around the world to put a price … Continue reading E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing