WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

The new economics of Earth-systems integrity Whole-Earth Active Value Economics (WEAVE) starts from the recognition that all artificial value — everything we account for in monetary terms — is like foam on the deep ocean of what makes life on Earth feasible. Natural system value is worth far more, and is ultimately the source and the measure of all that we account for. Our exclusion … Continue reading WEAVE: Whole-Earth Active-Value Economics

Accelerate Adaptation to Transcend Crisis

Global Commission on Adaptation launches today, with a high-level event and stakeholder dialogue at The Hague. The IPCC has issued its Special Report on the science of keeping global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. The IPCC report, which was requested by all 195 countries at the 2015 Paris climate negotiations, makes clear: We are experiencing major impacts, earlier than previously suspected, and the situation … Continue reading Accelerate Adaptation to Transcend Crisis