The Value of Ice

As a contribution to Mountain Glaciers and Snow Day at the COP25 Cryosphere Pavilion, Citizens’ Climate is joining ICCI to draw connections between climate-regulating ice landscapes and everyday experience. Although glaciers are found in the most remote parts of our planet, the consequences of their melt are affecting us all, no matter where we live. Learn about connections between human activities and their (anthropogenic) affect … Continue reading The Value of Ice

April 20: Discussion with Katharine Hayhoe

On Wednesday, April 20, in Minneapolis, the Royal Norwegian Consulate General will host the first monthly round table discussion in the Arctic Frontiers series. The featured guest will be Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, and the discussion will be moderated by Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director at Citizens’ Climate Lobby. About Katharine Hayhoe A Canadian native, Dr. Hayhoe is an accomplished Professor at University of Texas. Her research … Continue reading April 20: Discussion with Katharine Hayhoe

Welcome to the New Age of Climate Exploration

by Joseph Robertson and David Thoreson Published in The Guardian, February 12, 2016 On December 12, the 21st annual meeting of the world’s climate negotiators closed with adoption of the Paris Agreement. The task agreed by consensus among 195 nations is clear, ambitious, and complex: re-engineer the infrastructure of the global economy to eliminate practices that destabilize Earth’s climate system, while ensuring ongoing and expanded prosperity for … Continue reading Welcome to the New Age of Climate Exploration

Polar Regions Workstream

Update: February 12, 2016 Twenty-one years ago, in the summer of 1994, a 57-foot fiberglass sailboat named Cloud Nine set sail, with captain Roger Swanson at the helm. Cloud Nine carried a crew of six, who were attempting to transit the fabled Northwest Passage from east to west. There was a tremendous amount of pack ice choking off all the routes through the Passage that summer, … Continue reading Polar Regions Workstream