Invest at the Source

Report from the Acceleration Dialogues event, held during Monaco Ocean Week 2019 Ocean resilience starts upstream. The challenge of solving climate change and achieving sustainable development for the long-term, for all nations, demands we build an economy that is capable of securing ocean health and resilience — a blue economy. On Wednesday, 27 March 2019, at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, the Acceleration Dialogues partners … Continue reading Invest at the Source

Oceans Workstream

UPDATE, April 22, 2016: Climate Change Degrading Underwater Forests Giant kelp can grow up to a foot every day, and the fifty-foot stipes and broad blades of the Catalina kelp sheltered an underwater menagerie. Seals would emerge from and disappear into the forest. Pink and green abalone lived in cracks beside lobster and octopuses; the rocks were covered with gorgonians, crustose coralline algae the color … Continue reading Oceans Workstream

Welcome to the New Age of Climate Exploration

by Joseph Robertson and David Thoreson Published in The Guardian, February 12, 2016 On December 12, the 21st annual meeting of the world’s climate negotiators closed with adoption of the Paris Agreement. The task agreed by consensus among 195 nations is clear, ambitious, and complex: re-engineer the infrastructure of the global economy to eliminate practices that destabilize Earth’s climate system, while ensuring ongoing and expanded prosperity for … Continue reading Welcome to the New Age of Climate Exploration

The Paris Agreement & Earth’s Oceans

by Jérôme Chladek What happened at Paris in December 2015 is described by many politicians as well as commentators as historic, unprecedented and utterly surprising to even the most positive-minded participant. The Paris Agreement is the step forward our global community desperately needed to make, as stated by heads of state, activists, and commentators. The first universal accord for active mobilization of climate solutions now … Continue reading The Paris Agreement & Earth’s Oceans