High-Level Dialogue on Macro-Critical Climate Resilience

Minneapolis, MN — June 6, 2016 — 11:15 am – 1:30 pm At the Radisson Blu Mall of America (by invitation) Moderated discussion on macro-critical climate resilience Convened under the Chatham House Rule Participants will receive thematic brief, invitation and details This dialogue is fifth in the series: Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation. The first dialogue was held on Day 2 of the Minneapolis 2015 conference and produced the strategy document “A Convenient Opportunity“. The … Continue reading High-Level Dialogue on Macro-Critical Climate Resilience

Time to Stop Adding Harm to the Future

In the Paris Agreement, 195 nations acknowledge “that climate change is a common concern of humankind,” and agree to “respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on … intergenerational equity.” Intergenerational equity refers to the ethical principle that we should not discount the cost of harm when it falls on future generations. A number of other broad, basic, and also pragmatic ethical principles accompany intergenerational … Continue reading Time to Stop Adding Harm to the Future

Carbon Pricing Leadership Assembly: Making it Happen

UPDATED, April 22, 2016: This article was posted to announce the CPLC Assembly. It has been revised to include news from the Assembly. Today, the Carbon Pricing Panel, made up of 6 heads of state, as well as the leaders of the World Bank, IMF and OECD, released its Vision Statement, with new targets for carbon pricing coverage. The inaugural High-Level Assembly of the Carbon Pricing Leadership … Continue reading Carbon Pricing Leadership Assembly: Making it Happen

Just & Effective Futurebuilding through Partnerships

Future-building does not happen only in the halls of government. The quality of life in my hometown was designed by many people deciding many different kinds of things at different levels. Our town acquired an important value added when Silvio, who ran the local pizza shop for three decades, decided, day after day, to commit his time to doing something of real quality for everyone … Continue reading Just & Effective Futurebuilding through Partnerships


The ACCESS to GOOD Project is an open, collaborative, ongoing reporting process, aiming to identify observable levers of action for adding value, momentum, and scope to investments in climate action and resilient human development. ACCESS is a framework for analyzing the level of progress on comprehensive climate action. The axis standard aims to measure six qualifications of public policy, investment prioritization and business action: Aspiration … Continue reading ACCESS to GOOD

Business Model Innovation will Determine Future Value

Some major oil companies will thrive in the emerging low-carbon economy; some will not. Even the most profitable will face tough choices between a varied array of complicated transition pathways: some will remain large, global, and centralized; others will function more like associations of smaller businesses; the least innovative will eventually cease operations. The difference between thriving and obsolescence will be business model innovation. Business model … Continue reading Business Model Innovation will Determine Future Value

Knowledge-based Climate Stewardship

Report from the Pathway to Paris Earth Day working session at Villanova University On Thursday, April 23, the Villanova Center for Energy and Environmental Education (VCE3) hosted a Pathway to Paris working session with a focus on the ways Augustinian philosophy on truth, free will, learning and moral action, relate to climate civics and the global climate response. The working session was a small gathering … Continue reading Knowledge-based Climate Stewardship