Acceleration Dialogues launch Resilience Intel Charter

During the Global Climate Action Summit 2018, Resilience Intel partners Citizens’ Climate Education and Geoversiv—with support from Madison River Group, Carbon Delta, the Climate Bonds Initiative, and the International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (IAAI)—released the Resilience Intel Founding Charter. The Charter serves as a background note on the need for integrated solutions to achieve operational resilience intelligence and also … Continue reading Acceleration Dialogues launch Resilience Intel Charter

GCAS: Smart carbon pricing for local economies

GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT – AFFILIATE EVENT Talanoa Dialogue Town Hall Title: Smart carbon pricing for economic health and resilience Description: Non-Party Stakeholder Empowerment Workshop Date/Time: Thursday, September 13, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Registration page: To solve the climate crisis, we also need to solve the problem of unsustainable undiversified local economies. This event will examine ways in which smart carbon pricing policy … Continue reading GCAS: Smart carbon pricing for local economies

The Path to 100% Climate-Smart Finance

Report-back from the 11th Working Session of the Acceleration Dialogues series — a focused discussion of Economy-wide Resilience Intelligence. Download the full report here. Background On Wednesday, April 18, at the UN Foundation, halfway between the White House and the headquarters of the World Bank, we hosted the 11th working session of the Acceleration Dialogues, with a focus on economy-wide resilience intelligence. Participants explored technical … Continue reading The Path to 100% Climate-Smart Finance

Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel

MEDIA RELEASE Resilience Intel effort will identify climate action money across the whole economy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 14 December 2017, 16:30 GMT+1 (Paris time) Yesterday, in follow-up to the One Planet Summit, the Kingdom of Morocco, Citizens’ Climate Education, the International Centre for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, and the Geoversiv Foundation co-convened a Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel, at the Embassy of Morocco in Paris. … Continue reading Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel

Resilience Intel to scale up climate finance at all levels

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — Bonn, 13 November 2017, 16:30 Today, the COP22 Presidency, Citizens’ Climate Education, and the Geoversiv Foundation introduced Resilience Intel: a first-of-its-kind Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator. The Aggregator will use a light-touch analysis to parse any investment or spending into good / bad / neutral and then add up all of the good, to identify hidden climate-action money across the whole economy. This … Continue reading Resilience Intel to scale up climate finance at all levels

Climate-Smart Finance: Press Event

COP22 Presidency / CCE: Introducing the Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator Citizens’ Climate Education and the Geoversiv Foundation, in collaboration with the COP22 Presidency, invite you to join a press conference outlining plans for a new Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator effort. Date: Monday, 13 November 2017 Time: 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Location: Press Conference Room 2 (in Bula Zone 3) Access: All Bula Zone badge-types welcome The … Continue reading Climate-Smart Finance: Press Event

Sustainable Energy as Everyday Thriving

Global Online Forum This Global Online Forum invites stakeholders, citizens and thought leaders from around the world to come together on the morning of the third day of the SE4All Forum, to explore questions about how to achieve everyday economic thriving through the expansion of climate-smart affordable clean energy. Wednesday, April 5, 2017 Click here to join the Global Online Forum, at the following times. … Continue reading Sustainable Energy as Everyday Thriving

High-Level Dialogue: Building Fiscal Resilience

Thursday, 20 April 2017 This dialogue will focus on how the rapid development of decentralized sustainable low-carbon energy production—and policies that make it feasible—can enhance the investment value of money financial sector leaders, especially finance ministers, are responsible for. Climate disruption is a macro-critical influence that changes all other areas of value exchange, by affecting the shape of the overall economy. Carbon Risk, for instance, encompasses: … Continue reading High-Level Dialogue: Building Fiscal Resilience

Climate Solvency: Human Rights as Drivers of Future Thriving

The following essay is based on an intervention by Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director for Citizens’ Climate Education, at the CNDH Maroc Special Event on Human Rights and Climate Change, held on 6 November 2016 at the Hotel Kenzi Farah, in Marrakech.  Climate disruption is a human rights issue. The state of our climate system is a lens through which to read progress on human … Continue reading Climate Solvency: Human Rights as Drivers of Future Thriving

What is Required

U.S. climate action commitments are the overwhelming will of the people. Nation will follow through and lead global transition.  Today at the COP22 in Marrakech, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry just gave a sweeping, detailed, and high-energy final address to the global climate negotiations. He told a global audience “No one should doubt the overwhelming majority of the American people who know that climate change … Continue reading What is Required