Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition: 1st Major Success at COP21

On the first day of the COP21, there was an unprecedented step forward on one of the toughest issues facing negotiators. The Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition is now part of the global policy-making environment. The Coalition includes governments, intergovernmental agencies, businesses and nonprofits, who all agree the world needs to be pricing carbon fairly, effectively and efficiently, as soon as possible. In a crucial step … Continue reading Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition: 1st Major Success at COP21

How to Ratchet Up Ambition

The global climate negotiations are a landscape of highly refined vocabulary, experimental ideas, acronyms and jargon. Much of the terminology can seem impenetrable, but all of it goes toward facilitating the implementation of complex solutions to complex problems. One of the key words circulating in this environment is “ratcheting”, a reference to what is called a “ratchet mechanism”. What is a ratchet mechanism? The answer … Continue reading How to Ratchet Up Ambition

E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing

A Call for Effective, Efficient and Equitable Carbon Pricing in the Paris Outcome Dear [COP21 Delegate], You have a unique opportunity and responsibility that has never existed before. For the first time in history local communities, regional and national governments, civil society, leaders of business and multilateral institutions are convening in unprecedented alliances to urge countries and companies around the world to put a price … Continue reading E3CP: Effective, Efficient, Equitable Carbon Pricing

A Convenient Opportunity

CLIMATE & BUSINESS LEADERS PUSH FOR SMARTER CLIMATE ACTION IN “LAST STOP BEFORE PARIS” On October 26th, a high-level Chatham House dialogue, convened by Partnership for Change and Citizens’ Climate Lobby as part of Minneapolis 2015—Climate Action—Last Stop Before Paris, brought together climate experts and business leaders to focus on how to accelerate development and deployment of low-carbon technologies and climate-smart business practices. The dialogue was co-chaired by Marilyn … Continue reading A Convenient Opportunity

Climate Integrity Means No Excuses

A few weeks ago, former Minnesota Governor Al Quie said to a small room that the climate issue requires the same approach he believes should drive all public service, and he expressed that approach in three simple ideas: Radical integrity, creative collaboration, and no excuses. It struck some of us as the most clear-headed, forthright, and appropriate way to talk about how to solve big problems … Continue reading Climate Integrity Means No Excuses

The Bonn Conundrum

Last week in Bonn, during the ADP 2.10 (the 10th Part of the 2nd Session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action), there was a general sense that too little progress is being made toward estabishing clear foundations for the text-specific negotations for the Paris agreement. There are many explanations for why, but one stands out as potentially the … Continue reading The Bonn Conundrum

The Workstreams

Our Workstreams are collaborations between citizens and advocates, experts and non-experts, who commit to working together toward the resolution of complex policy challenges, and to ensure a robust, evolving and detailed information sharing process that empowers everyone across the team. This will underpin a global engagement activity working around the clock during the COP21 and serve as the foundation for the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. The … Continue reading The Workstreams