CCL on the Hill: a Wave of Good Faith

Citizen volunteers bring a commitment to good faith, hard work, and common-sense future-building to Capitol Hill. 600 Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers have gathered in Washington, DC, and will be holding hundreds of meetings today on Capitol Hill. Yesterday, in a high-level session of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, this news was applauded by the full room, including leaders in business, government and advocacy, from around … Continue reading CCL on the Hill: a Wave of Good Faith

Supranational Leadership from Local Government

The climate policy process is complicated by overwhelming complexity on many levels: The climate system touches all of Earth’s energy-management and life-support systems. The energy economy touches all areas of human activity. Any one nation’s contribution to solving climate change is just a fraction of the global action required. 195 nations negotiate for consensus in a diplomatic process operating both through national policy and highly … Continue reading Supranational Leadership from Local Government

Bonn Talks See Progress for Citizen Participation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Bonn — Wednesday, 17 May 2017 — 10:00 am local time Citizen Engagement Creates Conditions for Climate Success Faster timelines to better policy outcomes through citizen participation in policy design and implementation Over the course of three years of engagement in the ACE[1] Dialogues, Citizens’ Climate Education and the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network have developed targeted recommendations for public participation reform. To ensure … Continue reading Bonn Talks See Progress for Citizen Participation

The Time for Everywhere-Active Climate Civics is Here

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how the shifting political ground of recent months affects the project of opening up a new and wider space for climate civics around the world. As some political forces seem to be arrayed against serious progress on mitigating climate change, we see the role of local, national, and supranational citizen participation in climate policy as more vital … Continue reading The Time for Everywhere-Active Climate Civics is Here

UNFCCC Participation Reform Proposal

Submission from Citizens’ Climate Education on ways to enhance participation of non-Party stakeholders in the implementation of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. 23 February 2017 This proposal is built around the same core structure as our submission made 21 May 2016, at request of the Secretariat, for inclusion in the Facilitator’s Report on the Informal Consultations on Article 6 of the … Continue reading UNFCCC Participation Reform Proposal

Climate Solvency: Human Rights as Drivers of Future Thriving

The following essay is based on an intervention by Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director for Citizens’ Climate Education, at the CNDH Maroc Special Event on Human Rights and Climate Change, held on 6 November 2016 at the Hotel Kenzi Farah, in Marrakech.  Climate disruption is a human rights issue. The state of our climate system is a lens through which to read progress on human … Continue reading Climate Solvency: Human Rights as Drivers of Future Thriving

Carbon Pricing Workstream

The Carbon Pricing Workstream is an always-active venue for dialogue, analysis, and outcome-focused policy work relating to carbon pricing. In 2015, a core group of volunteers, working through the CPW, helped to establish language defining universal principles for effective, efficient, equitable carbon pricing. Past activities and an online reference designed to give anyone interested in carbon pricing the basic information needed to productively engage in the … Continue reading Carbon Pricing Workstream