Forward to Prosper: the Future of Climate Action

MARRAKECH—The world is moving ahead with collaborative innovation for a diverse adaptive clean future economy. The Paris Agreement is the strongest market signal ever sent, heralding a planet-wide shift in tens of trillions of dollars of investment over the next three decades to sustainable carbon-free energy. We must move forward to prosper. What we know about the future of climate action is that the direction … Continue reading Forward to Prosper: the Future of Climate Action

4,000 Miles to Mobilize Climate Citizens

CCL Co-Regional Coordinator Mindy Ahler is riding across the United States, with Ryan Hall. They will travel through 13 states, engaging in climate conversations along the route, and arriving in Washington, DC, on November 13. The following is an excerpt from Minnesota Public Radio’s report on their Low Carbon Crossings ride. Standing in her backyard earlier this week, Mindy Ahler helped a protégé decide what … Continue reading 4,000 Miles to Mobilize Climate Citizens

The Global Goals Workstream

The Sustainable Development Goals—also known as the Global Goals—are a lens through which to measure local, national, and global progress on building a just, ecologically intelligent, free and prosperous human society. They encompass 17 areas of action, spanning both policy priorities and private-sector and community-level future-building. Among the 17 Global Goals, there are 169 Targets, designed to provide a framework for measuring that progress. Connecting … Continue reading The Global Goals Workstream

True Independence Requires Reciprocal Civic Empowerment

“A republic… if you can keep it…” The work of building up to a better outcome has always already begun, before we have a chance to think about the work itself or its necessity. The act of leading, then, is a recognition of the forces that are converging and a conscious understanding of how to work with them, when and to what purpose. Having just … Continue reading True Independence Requires Reciprocal Civic Empowerment

Full Report from Minneapolis 2015

A new platform for citizen engagement in global negotiations—the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network—was announced at Minneapolis 2015: Climate Action, Last Stop Before Paris. The spirit of Minneapolis 2015 was laid out by former Minnesota Governor Al Quie, who said recently that action on climate requires: “Radical integrity, creative collaboration, and no excuses.” We will now work to ensure that those three standards embody the effort … Continue reading Full Report from Minneapolis 2015

Minneapolis 2015: Last Stop Before Paris

On October 25th 2015, under the auspices of Oslo-based Partnership for Change, Citizens’ Climate Lobby convened a globally-networked day of dialogues on the impact of climate change on communities, the role of citizens in driving change and the catalytic solutions to securing the livable climate future. Click here for the Full Report from Minneapolis 2015… 9:30 am — PLENARY SESSION 1 What’s your role in global climate … Continue reading Minneapolis 2015: Last Stop Before Paris

Celebrating One Year of Pathway to Paris

September 23, 2015—One year ago today, we launched the Pathway to Paris project, to bring together citizens, advocates, and policy-makers, to expand the possibility of achieving real forward progress on three priorities for the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) in Paris, this December: full decarbonization as a global goal efficient, effective carbon pricing, and citizen engagement as a part of the process The 15-month … Continue reading Celebrating One Year of Pathway to Paris

CCL2015: Full Conference Report

An idea whose time has come In 2010, when Citizens’ Climate Lobby brought 25 citizen volunteers to Capitol Hill, it felt like a big challenge to get enough people to go the distance, to meet with all 535 voting members of Congress. This year, we brought 36 times as many people, and it is looking more like we will need more elected officials to welcome and … Continue reading CCL2015: Full Conference Report

How Citizens can Catalyze Climate Action

On June 5—World Environment Day—we held a press conference to announce CCL’s effort, through the Pathway to Paris project, in collaboration with the World We Want, to build a worldwide always-active Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network. The press conference was conducted in association with the Climate Matters video interview series, as well as COY11, CliMates, IAAI GloCha, Context News, and the Association Actions Vitales pour le Developpement Durable. The … Continue reading How Citizens can Catalyze Climate Action

Knowledge-based Climate Stewardship

Report from the Pathway to Paris Earth Day working session at Villanova University On Thursday, April 23, the Villanova Center for Energy and Environmental Education (VCE3) hosted a Pathway to Paris working session with a focus on the ways Augustinian philosophy on truth, free will, learning and moral action, relate to climate civics and the global climate response. The working session was a small gathering … Continue reading Knowledge-based Climate Stewardship