Climate-Smart Finance to Drive Local Action

Global Online Forum Friday, November 4, 2016 — 11:00 am New York / 3:00 pm Marrakech To mark the official entry into force of the Paris Agreement, and to widen the civic space in which the Climate Finance Day 2016 discussion are taking place, we will host a 2-hour global online forum featuring short presentations by 8 policy and thought-leaders, moderated by Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy … Continue reading Climate-Smart Finance to Drive Local Action

Carbon Pricing as the Foundation for Future Value

Washington, DC — October 7, 2016 — 9:00 am – 12:00 pm During the World Bank / IMF Annual Meetings Moderated high-level dialogue on carbon pricing as a driver of future economic value for businesses and communities Convened under the Chatham House Rule Participants will receive thematic brief, invitation and details The global economic and political landscape cannot achieve sustainable stability and prosperity without rapidly decarbonizing our energy systems. Carbon … Continue reading Carbon Pricing as the Foundation for Future Value

Climate, Peace & Security in the Global Goals

New York, NY — September 22, 2016 — 9:30 am – 12:45 pm During the 71st United Nations General Assembly (by invitation) Moderated high-level dialogue on climate, peace and security challenges and solutions in the Sustainable Development Goals agenda Convened under the Chatham House Rule Participants will receive thematic brief, invitation and details This dialogue is the sixth in the series: Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation. Previous dialogues have focused on the following themes: … Continue reading Climate, Peace & Security in the Global Goals

4,000 Miles to Mobilize Climate Citizens

CCL Co-Regional Coordinator Mindy Ahler is riding across the United States, with Ryan Hall. They will travel through 13 states, engaging in climate conversations along the route, and arriving in Washington, DC, on November 13. The following is an excerpt from Minnesota Public Radio’s report on their Low Carbon Crossings ride. Standing in her backyard earlier this week, Mindy Ahler helped a protégé decide what … Continue reading 4,000 Miles to Mobilize Climate Citizens

The Global Goals Workstream

The Sustainable Development Goals—also known as the Global Goals—are a lens through which to measure local, national, and global progress on building a just, ecologically intelligent, free and prosperous human society. They encompass 17 areas of action, spanning both policy priorities and private-sector and community-level future-building. Among the 17 Global Goals, there are 169 Targets, designed to provide a framework for measuring that progress. Connecting … Continue reading The Global Goals Workstream

Climate Art in Kariobangi

by Benedict Muyale Taking climate change discussions to the affected Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya We witness intense rainfall, dangerous flooding, buildings collapsing, our businesses or kiosks swept away by rainwater. And the heat that follows after the rains is intense enough to make us feel like Nairobi is nearer to the Sun than the planet Venus. This is what brings the fact of climate change home: … Continue reading Climate Art in Kariobangi

Participation Workstream

Global Online Policy Forum: Actionable Climate Civics Climate civics is any activity that empowers citizens, communities, and political decision-makers to work together to design and to live a smarter climate future. We will be focusing in this Global Online Policy Forum on ways of turning Action for Climate Empowerment into both an expansion of the global civic space and real and measurable action to reduce … Continue reading Participation Workstream

Input to Article 6 Consultations

Submitted 21 May 2016, at request of the Secretariat, for inclusion in the Facilitator’s Report on the Informal Consultations on Article 6 of the Convention Joseph Robertson, Global Strategy Director at Citizens’ Climate Lobby, speaking for IAAI and the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network: We would like to thank participating Parties and the Secretariat for supporting full implementation of all aspects of Article 6, including engagement … Continue reading Input to Article 6 Consultations


The ACCESS to GOOD Project is an open, collaborative, ongoing reporting process, aiming to identify observable levers of action for adding value, momentum, and scope to investments in climate action and resilient human development. ACCESS is a framework for analyzing the level of progress on comprehensive climate action. The axis standard aims to measure six qualifications of public policy, investment prioritization and business action: Aspiration … Continue reading ACCESS to GOOD

CCEN Proposal for Public Participation Reform

Submitted Friday, February 19, 2016, to the UNFCCC Secrerariat as a proposed reform to the Doha work program on Article 6 of the Convention  The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network (CCEN) is an always-active platform for direct citizen participation in global processes that determine how one’s community, nation, region, or future generations, will fare in the face of climate disruption. It operates on the premise that … Continue reading CCEN Proposal for Public Participation Reform