GCAS: Smart carbon pricing for local economies

GLOBAL CLIMATE ACTION SUMMIT - AFFILIATE EVENT Talanoa Dialogue Town Hall Title: Smart carbon pricing for economic health and resilience Description: Non-Party Stakeholder Empowerment Workshop Date/Time: Thursday, September 13, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Registration page: engage4climate.eventbrite.com To solve the climate crisis, we also need to solve the problem of unsustainable undiversified local economies. This … Continue reading GCAS: Smart carbon pricing for local economies

Better Civics Justifies Hope

Remarks to the 2018 Citizens' Climate Lobby annual conference as delivered by Joseph Robertson on Sunday, June 10, 2018 There is a quiet daring that happens in the person who says “I refuse to accept” what is not right. Without that quiet moment of daring, the effort to confront the unacceptable cannot get started. The … Continue reading Better Civics Justifies Hope

The Path to 100% Climate-Smart Finance

Report-back from the 11th Working Session of the Acceleration Dialogues series — a focused discussion of Economy-wide Resilience Intelligence. Download the full report here. Background On Wednesday, April 18, at the UN Foundation, halfway between the White House and the headquarters of the World Bank, we hosted the 11th working session of the Acceleration Dialogues, … Continue reading The Path to 100% Climate-Smart Finance

Make the Talanoa Dialogue Open Process Permanent

Talanoa Dialogue Submission From Citizens’ Climate Education, for the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network and partners in the Education, Communication, and Outreach Stakeholders (ECOS) community. Calling for ongoing, direct engagement of citizens, stakeholders, and local government, in the UNFCCC process. Background The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network emerged from an open process of citizen engagement in preparation … Continue reading Make the Talanoa Dialogue Open Process Permanent

Bond Issuers invited to Join Green Bond Pledge

Green Bond Pledge moves to expand market for sustainable finance Today, former UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres opened the Climate Bonds Initiative annual conference in London by calling on cities, national governments, and corporate bond issuers to commit to expand the green bond market. Addressing delegates from 55 nations, Ms. Figueres, Convenor of Mission 2020 … Continue reading Bond Issuers invited to Join Green Bond Pledge

Engage4Climate Launches Talanoa Dialogue Toolkit

The Fijian word ‘Talanoa’ refers to an inclusive process of dialogue where all participants, regardless of power or influence, are peers. After the COP23 adopted the Talanoa standard for a year of open consultation in 2018, the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network adapted its process for citizen engagement to put forward a Talanoa Dialogue Engagement Toolkit, … Continue reading Engage4Climate Launches Talanoa Dialogue Toolkit

Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel

MEDIA RELEASE Resilience Intel effort will identify climate action money across the whole economy FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — 14 December 2017, 16:30 GMT+1 (Paris time) Yesterday, in follow-up to the One Planet Summit, the Kingdom of Morocco, Citizens’ Climate Education, the International Centre for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, and the Geoversiv Foundation co-convened a Working Dialogue … Continue reading Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel