EU Pavilion Event: Participation, Price Signals & Finance to Fuel NDC Upgrading

Stakeholder Engagement, Local Economies & Science-based Finance to Fuel NDC Upgrading&nbsp

  • Date: Monday, December 2, 2019
  • Time: 14:30 – 15:30
  • Venue: COP25 Blue Zone, Concepción Hall — European Union Pavilion, Brussels Room
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  • Joe Robertson—Citizens’ Climate Education
  • Nick Beglinger—Cleantech 21 Foundation
  • Isatis Cintrón—Citizens’ Climate Lobby Latin America
  • Ross Astoria—University of Wisconsin


The COP25 Presidency calls on all nations, rightly, to integrate the science of ocean, cryosphere, land, and the 1.5ºC limit, into their NDCs. To achieve this, we will need:

  1. citizen engagement to map needs and priorities to local experience;
  2. carbon dividends to ensure local economies benefit from overall structural change;
  3. science-based finance, connecting Earth science observations to all finance and investment flows;
  4. nature-based solutions to ensure maximum alignment between climate priorities and resilience of natural systems.

Including people in planning and implementation leads to smarter, more just and economy-building NDCs. Regional, sectoral, and community-level “situation rooms” (or knowledge exchange networks) can shift wealth creation to zero-pollution innovations and collaborative systems. How can we come together to design and deploy upgraded NDCs that work for everyone?

Instead of shying away from complicated, open citizen and stakeholder engagement, we can improve the design of NDCs and NAPs, better build resilience, and optimize investments in the climate-smart economy at all levels. This side event will provide examples of insights from open engagement, as well as pathways for collaborative policy planning, economy-building carbon pricing strategies, and science-based finance.

Ongoing stakeholder engagement, clear directional price signals, science-based finance, and nature-based solutions, come together to make it easier to raise overall ambition.

Broadening the voices at the table provides the necessary intel and resources to catalyze appropriate climate resilience responses. Our Citizens Assemblies in Latin America will be highlighted, focusing on Puerto Rico, as a blueprint for non-party actors’ engagement in climate action strategies where NDC and NAPs mechanisms are not in place.