Working Session on Climate Security, Finance & Cities


Working Session to finalize drafting of Earth Day Communiqué

Paris — 1 April 2019

The 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum High-Level Climate Congress brought leaders together to outline major challenges and action opportunities relating to climate peace and security, climate-smart finance and energy innovation, and the role of cities in meeting national commitments to the Paris Agreement.

This working session of the Acceleration Dialogues, hosted by the American University of Paris, brought together leaders in finance, sustainable urbanization, inclusive and just transition, economics, peacebuilding, and policy, to finalize the drafting of the Earth Day Communiqué from climate leaders.

The Communiqué draws action-specific insights from the work of the High-Level Climate Congress and lays out areas of action, investment and collaboration, where nation states can work together to identify signals of early warning of climate-related conflict, to reduce threat, and move toward sustainable inclusive prosperity.

Climate Peace & Security

  • What are the signals of early warning of climate-related conflict risk?
  • What areas of public investment, scientific observation, and social good tracking allow for improvement in key areas of risk and resilience?
  • Is there a model for sustained multilateral collaborative peacebuilding, rooted in climate-smart action strategies?

Climate-Smart Finance

  • What are the critical elements of a common taxonomy for evaluating, improving, and mainstreaming climate-smart finance?
  • How do climate-related natural capital management goals, including signals of early warning, relate to the prioritization of financing aims?
  • Are there specific metrics that can reveal (historically hidden) external returns on investment and the higher overall value of climate-smart finance?

The Role of Cities

  • What considerations of climate-related risk and resilience will transform the design of cities in coming decades?
  • How can cities move swiftly to maximize the deployment of clean energy and transport and energy efficient building practices?
  • How can cities best inform national or international decision-making to accelerate action to meet Paris Agreement goals?

Scaling to Planetary Health

The ultimate aim of the Earth Day Communiqué is to provide actionable guidance to decision-makers to make progress toward ecosystem protection and sustainable development, at the scale required to achieve planetary health and a climate-aligned future of shared prosperity and peace. The critical aspect of each of the questions under review and each of the challenges and action opportunities outlined is getting to scale.

This working session provided a deep dive into specific high-value areas of action, and also pointed to the need for ongoing work to facilitate, track, update, and spread the insights the Communiqué will make available to decision-makers on April 22. This project of ongoing work will be a core element of Acceleration Dialogues convenings and partnerships, and will align with the Resilience Intel initiative.