Accelerating Ocean Sustainability Upstream

High-Level Dialogue to map, connect and advance upstream inputs to the sustainable ocean economy

Monaco — 27 March 2019

The Acceleration Dialogues are a series of high-level diplomatic dialogues, co-convened since October 2015 by Citizens’ Climate , the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, with technical support from the Geoversiv Foundation, and in collaboration with the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

  • The first dialogue led to publication of an outline of climate-related economic and investment opportunity.
  • Subsequent dialogues have explored critical challenges toward achieving macro-critically resilient economies.
  • The common theme is how to ensure investment secures a healthy relationship between human activity and Earth’s life-support systems.
  • Through the work of this series, the goal was set to achieve 100% climate-smart finance, through the Resilience Intel initiative.

Ocean resilience starts upstream. Given the need to shift investment in all sectors toward ocean-smart practices, this dialogue will focus on mapping the interactive landscape of work, connecting ocean sustainability to clean economy and climate-smart imperatives across whole economies.

A critical outcome, beyond this mapping, will be to widen the scope of the blue economy to encompass all elements of business, investment, and relevant policy.

Some examples of upstream activities that affect ocean sustainability:

  • Chemical processing and refining
  • Manufacturing
  • Waste management
  • Agriculture and land use
  • Ecosystem stewardship
  • Infrastructure design and urbanization
  • Energy production
  • Transportation

We will be inviting key leaders in government, science and innovation, business and investment, and international agencies, to join this discussion from the critical perspectives that allow for mapping the upstream sustainable ocean economy influences outlined above.

We aim to connect the outcomes of this dialogue to already existing processes of negotiation and innovation, including:

  • The Global Commission on Adaptation
  • The High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy
  • The Stockholm Food Forum and related food system transformation work
  • The 2019 UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit
  • The UNFCCC mid-year negotiations and COP25
  • The World Bank / IMF Spring Meetings and Annual Meetings
  • The Resilience Intel climate-smart finance information service


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About The CCEN Team

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network is a global framework to support and expand direct citizen and stakeholder engagement in the intergovernmental climate negotiating process. It emerged from the Pathway to Paris project—with the support of Citizens’ Climate Education and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, in collaboration with the UN Millennium Campaign and the World We Want platform—and launched at the COP21 in Paris. The CCEN has produced a Talanoa Dialogue Engagement Toolkit, to ensure that every person everywhere is welcome to participate in the shift to a thriving climate future.