Climate-Smart Finance: Press Event

COP22 Presidency / CCE: Introducing the Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator

Citizens’ Climate Education and the Geoversiv Foundation, in collaboration with the COP22 Presidency, invite you to join a press conference outlining plans for a new Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator effort.

  • Date: Monday, 13 November 2017
  • Time: 4:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Location: Press Conference Room 2 (in Bula Zone 3)
  • Access: All Bula Zone badge-types welcome

The Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator will bring together a coalition of technical, political and financial institution partners to establish a common standard for basic assessment of the climate positive, neutral or negative value of any given dollar of investment, in any sector.

  1. From the start: add to the aggregate value flowing to climate-related priorities;
  2. Next stage: climate intelligence grading applicable to any kind of finance, intended to integrate many different climate value and resilience ratings methodologies;
  3. Building on experience: roadmaps for upgrading the climate intelligence of investments, budgets, institutions of many kinds.
  4. Ultimately: empower innovators in finance to leverage new kinds of data to show the competitive resilience value of specific investment choices.

Participants include:

  • COP22 Presidency: Siham Ayad
  • CCE / Geoversiv: Joseph Robertson
  • South Pole Group: Renat Heuberger

They will discuss the need for this mechanism to assess the climate intelligence value, or resilience value, of any given dollar of spending, investment or finance, at any level, explore questions about ratings and sharing of information, and answer questions about applications.

The coalition of trackers, users, practitioners, investors, and policy-makers, who will deploy the Climate-Smart Finance Aggregator information are working, effectively, to catalyze an everywhere-active ground-up mobilization of latent climate finance. The goal is an operational climate intelligence engine—driving action by connecting need and opportunity to finance and capability.

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