High-Level Dialogue on Accelerating NDC Action


Sunday, 13 November 2016

In Marrakech, during the 22nd Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (the COP22), the high-level dialogue series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation will bring leaders in government, business, science, and policy advocacy together to outline pathways for accelerating national climate action. The nationally determined contributions to the Paris Agreement do not yet include pledges ambitious enough to meet the goal of limiting warming to 1.5ºC by mid-century.

Some of the issues at stake in Marrakech include: how to deliver financing to projects that transform markets, allowing them to decarbonize rapidly or to rapidly develop using low-carbon practices; how to ensure cutting edge low-carbon technologies and business models can spread to all economies in a cost-effective way; how to build long-term resilience and routine low-carbon business practices into national budget priorities and infrastructure development.

Previous dialogues have focused on the following themes:

  1. October 2015, Minneapolis — The Climate Action Opportunity
  2. December 2015, Paris — The Carbon Delta & Business Model Change
  3. April 2016, Washington — Assessing the Carbon Pricing Value Chain
  4. May 2016, Oslo — Evolving a Climate-Smart Financial Sector
  5. June 2016, Minneapolis — Achieving Macro-Critical Climate Resilience
  6. September 2016, New York — Climate, Peace & Security in the SDGs
  7. October 2016, Washington — Carbon Pricing as the Foundation for Future Value

This dialogue, like those before, is convened under the Chatham House Rule, to allow for the most open possible sharing of information and brainstorming for innovative solutions.

Themes & Recommendations

Areas of policy action, investment focus, and business model change explored in this dialogue, include:

  • Decentralized power generation
  • Business models that empower local entrepreneurs
  • Policy options to build macro-critical resilience
  • Carbon Pricing policies optimized to local economic needs
  • Investment for human-scale solutions

Participants explored ways in which the overlap between the Sustainable Development Goals and the commitments inherent in the Paris Agreement align to incentivize the flow of new investment to climate-smart business models in the context of specific post-Paris NDC priorities.

This high-level dialogue was preceded on Friday, Nov. 4 — Climate Finance Day 2016 — with a Global Online Forum on Climate-Smart Finance to Drive Local Action. This global online forum event will focus on highlighting avenues of action that motivate entrepreneurship that builds local capacity and empowers people to participate in the expansion of climate-smart business practices and investment.

Collaborations Emerging from the Dialogue Series

Participants will have the opportunity to join one of a series of collaborative projects, emerging from the dialogue series, aimed at strengthening climate-related resilience and prosperity. The aim is to build serious, ongoing, global collaborative information-sharing in each of the following, to ensure unique, high-value, action-driving information can be provided to governments in advance of the 2018 facilitative dialogue planned as part of the UNFCCC global negotiating process.

The following collaborative information-sharing efforts have emerged from the suggestions and requests of participants in previous dialogues:

To get involved in one of these collaborative information-sharing and reporting projects, please fill out the following form:


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In collaboration with
The Norwegian Nobel Institute


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About The CCEN Team

The Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network is a new global framework to support and expand direct citizen and stakeholder engagement in the intergovernmental climate negotiating process. It emerged from the Pathway to Paris project—with the support of Citizens’ Climate Education and Citizens’ Climate Lobby, in collaboration with the UN Millennium Campaign and the World We Want platform. The foundational structure was announced on October 25, 2015, during the Minneapolis 2015 Climate Action: Last Stop Before Paris, and the COP21 in Paris is the venue for its global launch. Everyone is welcome to participate in the shift to a thriving climate future.