Marrakech: Engagement at COP22

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Our engagement at COP22—the 22nd annual Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate change—focuses on citizen engagement strategies, putting a price on carbon, and a vision for the long-term comprehensive transition of the global financial sector, to eliminate climate-forcing compounds from routine investment priorities.

Above, you can learn about the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network or share your #ClimateVision for a livable future.

On this page, you can learn about our three main areas of focus:

  • Citizen Engagement
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Climate-Resilient Investment

The three areas of focus work together to reinforce each other and to establish a long-term strategy for achieving macro-critical climate resilience across the world.

Areas of Focus and Goals

To achieve meaningful progress on engagement, pricing, and investment transition, we are looking to see concrete progress at COP22 on at least three goals within each of these three areas of focus.

Citizen Engagement / ACE

  • Legal language to drive citizen participation in policy design and deployment.
  • Participatory, ongoing MRV through robust, always active, citizen engagement. 
  • Multilevel collaborative institutions: open to citizens and stakeholders. 

Carbon Pricing / CPW

  • Core Principles for transparent, effective, generative pricing. 
  • COP decision: A welcoming environment for climate finance includes effective carbon pricing. 
  • COP to Parties guidance on carbon dividends as a climate-resilient development strategy. 

Climate-Resilient Investment / CRI

  • Generative, locally rooted NDCs. 
  • Integrated innovation for business-model change. 
  • Shifting all financial flows to a do no climate harm standard. 

Events and Convenings

Global Online Forum on Climate-Smart Investment to Drive Local Action
Friday — 4 November 2016 — Online

  • Event page:
  • 2-hour global online forum: moderated discussion
  • Start times: 9:00 am Mexico / 11:00 am NY / 3:00 pm Marrakech / 4:00 pm Paris / 6:00 pm Dar Es Salaam / Kathmandu: 8:45 pm / Dhaka: 9:00 pm / Perth: 11:00 pm
  • Fuze Meeting ID: 336 86 290
  • Fuze link:

High-Level Dialogue on Accelerating NDCs
Sunday — 13 November 2016 — Marrakech, Morocco

The 8th high-level dialogue in the series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation, this moderated discussion, convened under the Chatham House Rule, will bring leaders in government, business, science, and policy advocacy together to outline pathways for accelerating national climate action strategies, which are not yet ambitious enough to meet the goal of limiting warming to 1.5ºC by mid-century.

Reporting Back

Our team will deliver a daily brief, compiled throughout each day of the negotiations, and finalized in the evening, to the Citizens’ Climate Engagement Network, members of the Advisory Coalition, and to key strategic partners.

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This website will include blog posts from team members and partners, and commentary on the progress of the negotiations, as they happen.

After the COP22, we will also issue a series of thematic report-backs, and host an online COP of Action Status Report, to lay out news from the negotiations, and to chart a course for our engagement in 2017.

Social Media

We will be posting regularly to the engage4climate Twitter and Facebook accounts, and also through individual and partner accounts. Our key hashtags will be:

  • #engage4climate
  • #access2good
  • #climatevision
  • #carbondividend

Citizens’ Climate Lobby will also be tweeting and posting on Facebook and Instagram as we share news of our delegation’s efforts at COP22.