Text-Tracking Workstream

Annotate the draft Paris agreement 

The new Draft Paris Agreement was released at 1:30 pm local time in Paris, through the UNFCCC website. It is now in our text-tracking tool, at:


All you need to do is sign up, and dive in. We are looking for people who want to share vital insights from inside the process with observers across the world. 


Mission of the Workstream

One of the central activities to civil society engagement in the UNFCCC Process is tracking, analyzing, and advising revisions, to the draft outcome documents. During the negotiations, draft text is released at intervals, and to reach consensus, 195 countries, plus the European Union, must agree to the contents of the final document. This means smoothing out strong, even existential differences of perspective, and identifying common ground.

We are now building a global community for doing this text-tracking in open view, so civil society leaders, UN representatives, and national negotiators, can all learn from an open process of collaborative analysis, research, local insight-sharing, and re-drafting. The aim for this work is to provide a platform where problematic differences and problem text can be sorted out, so negotiations can move more quickly, follow a more collaborative path, and result in greater ambition for action.

You can join this community by registering at www.Citizens.network, which is also at URL: http://un.readandnote.com

We will post useful or pathbreaking insights from this process here on this Workstream report page, from time to time.